Agility series

No one talks about agility anymore.
Was it a fad? A buzzword? We don’t think so.

We believe agility is ever-present, but rarely recognized in its full potential. That’s why, we want to tell you how we, at launchlabs Sofia, see agility, shed light on some great examples on why agility matters and offer you some practical tips on becoming more agile: at your workplace, but also in your spare time.

In these three pieces, we will show you the three faces of agility: its embeddedness into culture, its human face and its impact on the future.

These aspects of agility also clearly show its curious relationship with time - how it binds to past, present and future.

To not waste your time on abstract gibberish, we will curate powerful and inspiring examples, practical and easy techniques to optimize your teamwork and small but significant routines to incorporate in your daily life.