Angel Spasov

Who am I

Master in:
lean start-up, design thinking, storytelling, space design

Focus on: trainings design and delivery, brainstorming and prototyping sessions

Number of trainings: > 20

Number of sprints: > 10

Industries: coworking, IT & start-up, FMCG, public sector, NGO sector, social enterprise

I am Angel and from the beginning of my professional career, I have always sought a way to find satisfaction not only from the finished project but also from the very process of doing it. The last twelve years I've been involved with co-working spaces and state institutions, cultural productions and technology software developmеnt.

Through these diverse experiences I learned how to manage and motivate people, but also how to build and engage communities - something I was already interested during my European studies and master's in Public Policy.

I discovered my super power is to turn a work environment into a playground like atmosphere while keeping it as productive as possible. Then I used this working style to create sincere products and services. Now, this has also become my professional purpose.

My three most important professional projects

The transformation of into launchlabs Sofia as proof that we are the leading experts in business innovation and organizational transformation.

Betahaus Sofia - the first large-scale coworking space in Sofia, which became a synonym with coworking, where the first design thinking trainings in Bulgaria took place and where the most successful start-up companies in the region started.

My work on designing and implementing global corporate social responsibility programs of IBM, SAP and FedEx, based on the professional skills of employees.

My biggest failure and lessons learned

I co-founded a software company developing industrial automation technology that could not reach a product-market fit. Its greatest weakness - the thing that we were most proud of - the technology. In hindsight we didn't do enough of testing with potential users and collecting feedback for further iterations. This diverted the product from the real needs of its users and limited the company to a software provider with significantly lower added value.

The lesson learned - "Done is better than perfect."

On Sunday I get up early to

Take the children to the ski slopes or the tennis playground, make my wife a cup of coffee or bring myself to ski in a place where there are no lifts.