Bringing company culture and values

to life in the organization

​One of the major telecoms in Bulgaria went through complete rebranding in 2022. Telenor became Yettel. The new brand felt like a blank piece of paper, waiting to be filled with meaning and substance. But painting a clear picture that distinguishes the brand in people’s minds after having layers of perceptions built through the years is not an easy task.

The new Yettel brand promised to bring balance to human lives, a promise that allows flexibility and adaptability of interpretation, as balance is a concept that differs greatly in people’s individual perceptions.

Client brief

The first and most important task for Yettel was to gain credibility and support among its own people. After spending months on introducing the company’s mission, vision and values to the Yettel community, the leadership team decided to invite employees to transform the brand mission and values into actionable initiatives that correspond to the brand’s employee promises:

  • Achieve Balance in life
  • Be yourself and make an impact
  • Be in balance with nature

By taking part in shaping the Yettel brand and culture, people were empowered to grab the brush and fill the blank sheet of paper with meaning and value together, as a community.


​Yettel Bulgaria

Our approach

To generate ideas, strengthen the community and nurture an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, we organized an internal ideathon. Participants were introduced to the design thinking methodology and put it to practice in coming up with ideas on how to bring balance in life, be yourself and make an impact, achieve balance with nature.

The intense two-day ideathon was followed by group coaching sessions, where the team concepts were developed into detailed business models and prototypes.


8 weeks

Key results

Аs Yettel employees seized the opportunity to turn ideas into reality through iterative validation, they inspired company leaders and colleagues alike. 7 ideas were developed in detail and presented to the leadership team. The pitches were streamed live, so that all Yettel employees could witness what their colleagues came up with and how it reflected the brand’s values and promise. 4 out of the 7 team concepts were approved for launch.

Success factors

40 Yettel employees from all departments took part in the ideathon. Applying the principles of design thinking, they actively collaborated to come up with innovative initiatives for the Yettel community. The leadership team reviewed all concepts and provided meaningful feedback. Each team was assigned with additional consultants from the company, who provided valuable directions and feedback during the coaching sessions, bringing more depth and detail to each concept.