Celebrating 2020 – New Innovation Award and The “Little Dictionary of Innovation”

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At launchlabs Sofia, we define a company as “innovative” looking far beyond its novel products on the market. The implementation of new technologies, new generation of materials or digital services is undoubtedly an important aspect of innovation. Equally important however is the internal, sustainable change: how this company actually works and how much it invests in this direction. Our mission is to spread awareness around the new ways of working and help companies integrate the agile practices sustainably.

2020 is not really over yet and we already have so many definitions for this year. According to our calendar, this is the year of innovation. In the last ten months, almost all companies reshaped their work environment from physical to digital or hybrid, some redesigned their business models from the core and others launched brand new products and services on the market.

We acknowledge and celebrate the marvelous efforts Bulgarian companies made in their search for innovative ways out of the crisis and in their support to the growing innovation spirit in the country. This is why together with Forbes Bulgaria we created a new category within Forbes Business Awards – Innovative company of 2021. This is a special prize as it highlights the successful practices of agile adoption in Bulgaria and is awarded to those which have gone through a holistic redesign of their organisations.

The new award category is part of our and Forbes Bulgaria’s common mission to support the business innovation culture in the country and to popularize successful stories. The prize is a recognition and serves as motivation for all innovative businesses to keep working in this direction and to others – to join their path.

/ innovation is a process which works inside-out

Working on our mission to spark the agile spirit in Bulgarian organisations and help them in their journey to holistic redesign, we created the “Little Dictionary of Innovation”.

The published edition (in Bulgarian only) explains all the important terminology from the innovation field today: “service design”, “creative leadership”, “agile teams” and “design thinking”.

The dictionary is part of the November edition of Forbes Bulgaria.

If you feel you are one of those Bulgarian companies, who are not only familiar but also successful in implementing agile methods at work, we are welcoming you to send your application for Innovative company of 2021. You can do it in the Forbes Awards official page here.

The application deadline is 10.01.2021.

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