Designing a Digital Office App for More Employee Engagement

The business as unusual times made us all face new challenges, so did our client Telenor Bulgaria. Their team had the task to create a digital office for their employees and they reached out for facilitation support in the process of crystalizing its concept. For them, we have designed a new product sprint in order to validate their hypothesis.

client brief

Telenor had the challenge to create a Digital Office for their employees. The project’s goal was to enable all 2000 employees to perform their work from anywhere and on any device.

our approach

The product design sprint was definitely the go-to tool for this specific task - when having an idea for a new product, to validate a concept, understand which features to integrate, create the perfect UX for an app, web platform or any other digital product. With Telenor's team, we went through an in-dept customer research phase, testing and validating the personas' needs using our holistic method with agile tools.


The sprint was 4 weeks long.

key results

Later on, Telenor had launched their Digital Office service, a result of a mock-up we have built during the sprint. Not only it was turned into a lucrative B2B product, but it also won an award - Employer of Choice Awards 2020.

success factors

The team implemented the necessary user-centered testing tools, which empowered them to prioritise the development of all important features in a way that guaranteed the quick adoption of the new product, as well as user loyalty and long-lasting enjoyment. The updated RoadMap was significantly simpler and saved the company hundreds of thousands of development costs.

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