Kristina Petrova

Who am I

Master in: creative strategy, strategic planning, brand design, service design

Focus on: research, strategic planning, project & sprint facilitation, brainstorming

Number of trainings: > 20

Number of sprints: > 40

Industries: retail, education, media, FMCG, telecommunications, banking, electronics, automotive.

If you change nothing, nothing changes. Through the lens of strategy, I constantly look to uncover creative solutions that uncover a new perspective, business model or ones that unlock development. I get excited about projects in which a company or brand rediscovers their connection with themselves and with people.

My work experience has taught me to listen and hear new and different points of view. I learnt that when we make an effort to understand other people, we become better professionals and better people.

My three most important professional projects

My most valuable professional achievement is co-creating and implementing processes and standards in the team I worked with at Saatchi & Saatchi. The people I had the luck to work with will always be the most valuable thing ever to happen in my professional path.

All the (innumerable) creative projects we worked on at Saatchi. From creation of new brands or repositioning of existing local brands, through strategic projects for established global brands to all the viral social campaigns for sensitive for our society topics.

Lecturing for Arc Academy’s Branding masters programme is another way I share my professional experience.

My biggest failure and lessons learned

Lack of time for personal projects.

Lessons - countless, a lot more in my backlog.

Most valuable lesson: doing things one by one like they do in the East vs multitasking as today’s world pushes you to. This apart from being a lesson is a shortcut to internal harmony.

On Sunday I get up early to...

I don’t wake up early. Unless it’s to go for a long hike in the mountains. Or to the beach - where I continue sleeping. I enjoy rereading books and finding new insights in them. Finding new music for my Spotify playlist is also something I always try to find time for on Sundays.