Marta Radeva

Who am I

Master in: design thinking, communication design

Focus on: project facilitation, customer research, brainstorming

Number of trainings: > 10

Number of sprints: > 20

Industries: IT, pharma, agriculture, NGO sector, sports, arts, culture and leisure

I am Marta. I am dynamic, free moving, and free spirited. I love abstract ideas, concepts and strategies. I am keen on public communications, presentations and creative doing. Maybe that's the reason I spent more than 10 years in PR and communications, always searching for new challenges and clients - from cultural institutions to big corporations, from FMCG to NPO sector and many more. I get motivated by change, spontaneity, the ability of the mind to create and the “aha” moments. So, I moved to design thinking. In the workshops I run, I love to co-create with people, to unite them around shared values, to make them more empathetic and tolerant, to look for more opportunities than obstacles and to connect the dots.

Oh, and I have also learned French, English, German, Spanish as well as the traditional New Zealand language - Maori.

My three most important professional projects

Bringing Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's director of communications, for an event in Bulgaria.

Contributing to an organization which ran a social entrepreneurship even in the poorest region of Bulgaria. This organization used tangible ideas to help inspire and transform this forgotten part of the world.

My father is a keen scuba diver. He issued the first and only underwater sports magazine in Bulgarian and even won a prize for it. To celebrate his achievement, we organized a press conference underwater and popped champagne. It was bubbly!

My biggest failure and lessons learned

I waited too long before making the jump from PR to Design Thinking! The lesson learned "Always listen to your impulse and intuition!"

On Sunday I get up early to

Everyday I get up early to get ahead of the noise and daily traffic. So, on Sunday I get up late as to devour the slow rising of the day. And to daydream a bit.