More Meaningful and Creative Remote Work

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Remote work. Difficult. Different. Delightful? We’ve all been working remotely for the last weeks. At first it was difficult, now it’s just different. The angle we’re choosing to look at the situation is as a possibility to innovate. And to make it all delightful.

Remote work has always been part of our work life. It was never delightful, but we weren’t paying attention because it was just a tiny part in our busy schedule. It is now our whole work life. Here’s an insight. Time in an inefficient meeting sucks. Time in an online inefficient meeting kills. Time in digital is not like time in real life. We lose attention much more quickly, we start to multitask, we lose the track completely and non-verbal communication isn’t even there to tell us that half of the other participants have lost it too.

At launchlabs we work with insights to redesign stuff. We like designs to be human-centred and to create delightful experiences. Even more than that, we like business-as-unusual situations. So, we made a list of the things we have facilitated through the years, and started redesigning them for remote work: facilitation of agile teams, leadership meetings, brainstorming sessions, new product testing sessions, design sprints, strategy roadmap meetings, customer journey improvement projects, brand redesign projects and brand values workshops. Just to name a few.

Now everything is remote. All our clients and our team are working from home. So, in the last weeks we’ve been working hard to create scenarios for virtual facilitation of all possible workshops, projects, sprints and important meetings. We’ve been prototyping, testing and improving. We’ve been asking questions. How to engage everyone? How to visualize ideas? How long should a meeting really be? And then prototyped some more. We’ve tested more than 20 different online platforms, and combinations thereof, in order to create the closest possible scenario to an effective live interaction. We’ve made internal tests, and tests with clients willing to be a step ahead. Have a look at our insights for humanizing remote work below.

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There were many things that we took into account – which technologies to use and how to combine them was important, but hardly enough. We thought about what happens with the participants end-to-end, about the functional and emotional aspects of the journey, and about the intersection of virtual and physical space during a remote interaction.

That’s why we completely redesigned our portfolio for remote work to help our clients continue remote work and accelerate results on their most important projects, sprints, workshops and meetings, because we believe that work should go on. It’s the quickest way to get us out of this crisis. If you’re working on a project or have an important upcoming meeting, workshop or sprint – get in touch with us through the online form or read more about our new products for remote work.

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