Redesign: The first holistic CX & agility program preparing companies for the future of work

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As a business redesign studio, at launchlabs Sofia we work together with companies on different projects. We redesign mindsets through trainings, experiences through design sprints and spaces through space design. Over the last years we’ve worked with both Fortune 500 companies and local companies in various industries. We see that customer needs are becoming ever more complex and that flexibility, agility and customer centricity are now a prerequisite for organizations. That’s why we’ve now combined the different pillars in our portfolio into one modular program to help organizations on this path.

“Redesign” is the first end-to-end customer centricity & agility program in Bulgaria preparing companies for the New Ways of Working.

What is the “Redesign” program exactly?

A holistic program that helps organizations become truly customer centric and adequately equipped to work quickly and happily now and in the future.

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The program is modular and has the following flow:

Module 1: “Pre-design” – we analyse the current state of the organisation, work closely with key stakeholders to identify objectives and desired outcomes. Consider this the most important phase that sets the stage of the entire design of the program. Through several co-creation sessions with leadership we will work on creating pilot agile teams, customising and adapting the different modules to work with the team’s availability, needs and objectives. Since the program is modular, we’ll need to work closely together to mix and match modules and create a custom methodology for the specific brief.

Module 2: “Redesign mindsets” is about up-skilling and learning about customer centric and agile practices. It includes interactive trainings on all the relevant and new methodologies that guide teams to the Future of Work: user research, agile methodologies and rituals, design thinking, brand design, futures thinking and service design.

Module 3: “Redesign Experiences” is about applying the new mindsets to real projects through design sprints. The team will deliver concrete results in a short period of time on projects related but not confined to strategic planning, new product releases, brand positioning, customer centricity and digital transformation.

Module 4: “Redesign Spaces” for creating a productive virtual and physical environment to ensure motivation, collaboration and happiness. Whether we’re online or offline, the right setup of our common working space is crucial. Together with our cross-functional expertise in architecture, interior design and technology, we’ll analyse the company’s working environment including the physical space setup, virtual and remote capabilities and everything in between that contributes to full agility.

Duration: The program is typically 16 weeks long and depending on the modular add-ons and specifics can be adjusted accordingly. After many iterations and tests on real projects, the modules in the”Redesign” program can also be facilitated remotely.

Now, let’s start redesigning. To request a presentation or book a free 1-hour one-one session drop us a line at or directly schedule a meeting with us here.

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