The Redesign Stories:

5 Real Stories on Innovation

and Agility

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“Redesign Stories” is a series of articles showcasing the business redesign projects we took together with 5 of our key clients. With it, we invite you to embark on the journey of innovation and agility redesign. Each story represents a step of that journey, by highlighting a different part of it - we start with a holistic view of the process, followed by learning new mindsets, redesigning experiences and spaces and finish with applications on a scale larger than 1 organisation.

The personal stories shared from members of our clients’ organisations, show the hardships that can be encountered on each step of the way, along with strategies of overcoming them. In applying a different mix of disciplines in each project, we have made sure that they walk on the path with least friction. This is part of the holistic approach that we preach - taking into consideration what is happening in different levels of the organisation and adapting the following activities accordingly. You will not learn any magic recipes, but instead you will see how agile redesign can be achieved in different contexts.


Stepping on the road of the journey, we start with the first title in the series - A New Era of Leadership: A Holistic Agile Organisation. By showing what a truly holistic organisation with agile leadership looks like, Roche helps us look in perspective and realise that redesign does not know an end, just like evolution.

The second step is the story of how Accenture has achieved mindset change across the globe with Redesigning Business Thinking.

Third comes Konica Minolta and their bold decision to shift perspectives and reposition themselves uncovering more value - Digital Workplace Innovation for New Ways of Working is the story of their courageous leap from a product company to a customer-centric service provider, overcoming the temptation of staying in ones’ comfort zone.

The next step of agile transformation is taken by Telenor Bulgaria. A Vision for Customer Centricity Put in Practice demonstrates how the bridge can be made from learning to acting. The bridge being built with the superior collaboration between departments (internally) and with the clients (externally) to accelerate the adoption of effective customer-centric practices.

Speaking of digital services, the last story showcases the first entirely digital start-up hackathon made with IPKO and KosLift - Redesigning Learning Experiences for Future Entrepreneurs - and how we can leverage the agile way of thinking and doing into the society.


The series is a result of many in-depth interviews with members of those organisations. The stories collected were then put on paper, with the hope that they will inspire you and convince you that change is possible when an agile approach is adopted and where there is persistence.

А quote from our team on this:

"Redesigning doesn't happen overnight - it's a long process that requires a bit of a visionary mindset and lots of dedication. It's about taking that first step towards New Ways of Working. We're happy to share those examples of companies doing just that on our market."

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Written by launchlabs’ Sofia team