Yana Yotova

Who am I?

Master in: design research, design thinking

Focus on: training design and delivery, project facilitation, customer research

Number of workshops done: > 6

Number of projects: > 6

Industries: IT, education, telecom,retail

People and their psychology have always been of interest to me. When they are happy, when they are sad, when they feel loved, how they motivate themselves, when they feel good in a team, when they feel underappreciated...
This interest of mine has spilled over and developed at every stage of my professional path.
I took my first steps in the corporate world as a human resources specialist. There I had the opportunity to understand in depth what makes people in a team feel included and significant, how important the role of leaders in the company is and how the work environment is fundamental for the development of employees and the prosperity of companies. The fact that I had no opportunity to improve the internal world of the organisation and I myself did not feel good about the culture it professed made me look for a new path. So a little later I found myself in the book publishing business. There I was able to deepen my knowledge of applied psychology through the translation and editing of literature and participated in the compilation of several self-help publications.

A few years later our paths crossed with Launchlabs. I discovered that many of the things I know and believe about how companies can be innovative, successful and put their people at the centre is precisely at the heart of Design Thinking and what Launchlabs was doing. So,we joined hands and now together we make organisations more innovative and human-oriented.

The three most important professional project:

One of my favourite projects at Launchlabs took place in one of the famous Bulgarian universities. In it, we aimed to lay the foundations of design thinking at the earliest stage of the students' professional development. I sincerely believe that in this way, design thinking can start living in the organisational culture of Bulgarians and I will be happy if we as a team have the opportunity to design more training in educational structures in Bulgaria.

Then comes the team of one of the major telecommunications companies in Bulgaria and the enthusiasm with which we work together on the redesign of their organisation. I highlight this project because the collaboration between us and the company team has become a real dance of design thinking, in which everyone participates more equally and enjoys it.

And finally, an exciting project for me was the one in which we were looking for our own brand identity, message and mission. Working on it helped me realise the importance of what we do for organisations and see the beauty of our little inner world at Lauchlabs.

Your biggest failure and lessons learned:

I would say not being brave enough to accomplish some of the things I have always wanted to.
Lessons learned: Always start small, don't aim for the big thing right from the beginning.

On Sunday I wake up early to….

Best case scenario to go high on a mountain peak and meet the sunrise.
Worst scenario - peppermint tea and a favourite disney animation. : )