A 100% hands-on module based on a real project. The team has a dedicated coach throughout the project duration, who facilitates them through a series of workshops aimed at delivering a more innovative result on the project. Typically once a week for 4 to 12 weeks.
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Our practitioner program is meant to build new skills and durable habits and includes a hands-on introduction workshop followed by work on real projects. 

The introduction workshop is based on the design thinking methodology and has selected elements from other agile methodologies and is made to fit. It aims to align the team on the core principles – empathy, co-creation, iteration. 

It also introduces them to the tools for in-depth customer research, idea generation and rapid testing, which are needed for running innovation and improvement projects in sprints, before moving onto actually doing one. During the project sprint the participants have a dedicated coach who helps them apply the principles and tools in practice. This ensures that mindsets are internalized and skills are turned into habits.

Who it’s for:

Product owners, project managers and product developers

Customer experience departments

Innovation departments

Marketing & communication experts

Sales representatives & customer facing staff

Corporate training experts

What we’ll deliver: 

A 2-day introduction training with expert trainers

A customized toolbox of 10-12 fundamental instruments

A fully tailored coaching program during the project sprint

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