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    In office space design we take a holistic approach to why and how people use a space. By analyzing existing spaces, company cultures and business processes we create new, collaborative office spaces that encourage productivity and creativity.


    In retail space design, we go all the way from one-off concept stores and branches of the future to full-fledged retail network design standards and manuals. We carefully analyze the digital trends of the industry in order to blend digital and analog into a meaningful end-to-end customer experience.


    The process involves site-specific research that puts your customers and hence your business success in the middle. We analyze the end-to-end customer journeys, the backend service processes and the industry dynamics in order to co-design functional spaces that create flawless, enjoyable and memorable customer experiences. We walk the extra mile to understand and solve problems related to queueing, navigation, check-out or anything else that could make or break the customer experiences.


    Together with 7561 architects, we are long-term partners in projects related to space design that combines contemporary customer experience and interior design. We have a core team of experienced designers and architects and an interdisciplinary team of partners that integrates the latest trends in digital signage, graphic and motion graphic design.


    A selection of some space redesigning we’re proud of: completely new design standard for the bank branches of Raiffeisen Bank; office redesign for Econt. Have a look at our insights for more.


    our services are also remote

    Adapting to business as unusual times and the context of fully remote work, we have completely redesigned our portfolio of services. Our new portfolio for remote work includes interactive and efficient remote collaboration tools like interactive whiteboards and break-out sessions for work in multiple groups. All this combined with our expertise in customer centricity, service design, agile, design thinking, lean startup, futures thinking and brand design.


    To request a presentation or book a free 1-hour one-one session drop us a line at hello@launchlabs.bg.

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