A leadership development program to foster strategic thinking and innovation practices

Our Launchlabs Sofia team worked with Accenture’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) top managers in Bulgaria in Bulgaria to help them move to the next leadership level - be motivational and inspiring for their teams, operate as internal entrepreneurs and innovators i.e. take ownership, think ahead and in scale. As they were about to draw the company’s strategy for the next 1-2-3 years, our leadership development program was built around a training sprint based on strategy.

In addition to specific strategic ideas and higher leadership engagement, the program also brought tighter links and better collaboration between managers.


Accenture ATC Bulgaria needed a program to provide the leadership team with inspiration and motivation to apply everyday strategic and innovative thinking and come up with ideas for the company’s strategy. There was also a recognized need for the managers to collaborate better between each other and to work closer with their teams.


Accenture’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC), Bulgaria

our approach

We built a custom-tailored leadership development program in several phases. Through a series of interviews with the leaders we identified innovation skills gaps, motivation and collaboration pain points, and engagement opportunities. Then leaders made their own research and interactive team sessions to gather inspiration and pain points while receiving coaching support by us. The result of their DIY work was identifying key areas as challenges and opportunities. This was the input for the last phase - an innovation retreat for brainstorming solutions and bonding of the leadership team.Add paragraph text here.


1 month research + 2 months strategy sprint + 2.5 days innovation retreat

key results

The concrete results: 4 strategic ideas that went into implementation, established strategy backbone and strategy process, a lot of positive energy and team bonding.

On a meta level - a real mindset shift towards more human-centered and innovative practices i.e. higher leadership level and motivation to develop further.

success factors

Full understanding of Accenture ATC lead of the need to have preliminary research with their leadership team and create a custom-tailored program.

A great structure of the whole sprint based on both Design Thinking methodology and our 5 P Strategy Canvas interlinked with team bonding activities and meaningful games.