A “design doing” program to make deep user research & build awesome prototypes

Our Launchlabs Sofia team worked with selected employees of A1 upon the request of their Senior Customer Experience Director. Those participants were already trained by us in design thinking and the idea was to practice and further develop their skills particularly in the area of Research and Testing. They had to work on a real case - improvement of A1 automatic voice menu.

Thus, in its essence, the program was a training sprint with two equal goals:

1) Acquiring new knowledge for conducting deep user research and

2) Generating particular ideas for improving the current IVR flow of A1.


Senior Customer Experience Director wants to introduce a selected part of their team to instruments for making deep user problems research and testing the ideas for their solutions. The goal was to build internal capacity and mindset for creating and validating hypotheses in different phases of a project by defining the relevant for each phase instruments and techniques for receiving feedback.


A1 Bulgaria

our approach

The program was built by several working sessions with different lengths, each of them followed by DIY team work of participants. The focus was on planning and conducting quantitative and qualitative research (statistics analysis, “walk in the shoes of”, customer interviews), generating ideas for improvement and testing them by creating low-fidelity & high-fidelity prototypes. We finished with a retrospective session of the process itself and what was learned.


1.5 months

key results

/ Upskilling of participants on making a research - creating the right interview questions and flexibility while conducting it

/ Particular ideas for improvement in all parts of the automatic voice menu

/ Building and testing with real clients of prototypes - first low fidelity paper prototypes, tested through a role play and then high fidelity digital prototypes.

Quote from a participant: “I can’t believe how many cool improvements we came up with which we actually managed to test with clients”.

success factors

/ Well-structured program and flexibility of facilitators in changing it on the go depending on the needs and speed of participants

/ High motivation and responsibility of participants

/ Expertise of launchlabs team particularly on the topic of IVR and building digital prototypes for automatic voice menu