Agilization on the go for a waterfall team

The team gets overloaded with work tasks that are challenging to deliver to the clients within the promised time-frame. This results in tensions and lack of time for honest feedback after the end of each implementation project.

The team follows waterfall project management and has no previous experience with scrum rituals and tools like retrospective.


Improve the internal and external communication in a team of project managers, technical and functional consultants and business analysts.



our approach

A 3-hour workshop preceded by 1-on-1 meetings with the participants in order to build trust with the team and followed by a retrospective workshop. During the retro the team had an in-depth feedback session where everyone shared and mapped openly their impressions from the finished project.

key results

This was the first retrospective meeting for the team. It was also the first workshop where all participants in a project take part. This aligned the team on the main topics for improvement.

success factors

Buy-in from all decision makers & product owner. 1-on-1 meetings with all participants prior to the workshop.


3 weeks

here's what the client says about us

“What sets us apart is not only that we take feedback and run with it, but we strive for it and crave it. Launchlabs has really impacted our business - from customer service to product development, and even our marketing efforts."

Ekaterina Grigorova - Scanman Operations manager


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