Contemporary Design Standard for Bank Branches

The bank enjoys very good brand recognition and brand trust and high NPS score, but is lagging behind competitors in terms of modernization and digitization of its branches. With this project the bank was looking not just for a modern outlook, but also for a solution that integrates good customer experience into good interior design.

client brief

Create a contemporary design standard that integrates modern outlook and digital trends and describe it in a Design Manual to be used by RaiffeisenBank for the refurbishment and modernization of its network of bank branches in Bulgaria.

our approach

To accelerate the project the design standard was tested through the realization of three prototype branches - standard, flagship and flexi. For the prototype branches we chose existing offices due for refurbishment with problematic customer experience. This was done on purpose, in order to solve as many problems as possible through the new design.


2 years key


Light, modern design that offers better customer and employee experience, combines digital and traditional bank service and a touch of global and local references.

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success factors

The success factor was the involvement of various stakeholders from the bank in a well facilitated co-creation process. Anyone - from the branch employees to the CEO of the bank were able to participate at well defined stages of the project. The result was a design standard that was accepted already in the process of creating it and that everyone is proud of at the end.

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