Redesigning Spaces: Retail Space Design

Retail in general and retail space, in particular, is evolving and needs to be redesigned in line with the newest technological and behavioural developments. The digital boom that we see in e-commerce, banking, education and many other industries is a signal to redesign retail space not to erase it. If anything the abundance of new digital platforms and channels to service the consumer makes it more important than ever for companies to rethink which services remain purely analog, to integrate them in a seamless experience with the digital ones and to update retail spaces accordingly. Here’s how we can help.

What is unique in our approach to retail space design?

In retail design, we intersect experience design with architectural design. This involves site-specific research that puts your customers and hence your business success in the middle. We analyze the end-to-end customer journeys, but also the employee experience, the backend service processes and data, your brand and the industry dynamics in order to co-design functional spaces that create flawless, enjoyable and memorable experiences. We walk the extra mile to understand and solve problems related to queueing, navigation, in-store information, check-out or anything else that could make or break the customer experiences.

When should you turn to us for office space design?

/ Companies who want to modernize a key retail space(s)

/ Companies with want to modernize their whole retail network i.e. update their design standard

/ Companies who need to create a design standard for a growing retail network

/ Companies in transformation who want to rethink how their retail network works with digital platforms

/ Companies who want to design an experience space - showroom, flagship store, pop-up store

In all cases, our approach is for companies that want to put the experience of customers and employees at the centre of the design process.

What does it look like, how long will it take?

In retail design, we go through research, design and prototype phases before we create the final standard. The process may last from 3 to 6 months depending on the scale of the project:

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How do we customize office space design for your specific situation?

In our design process, we take into account your special needs and wishes. We will consider if you need to reuse old furniture if you have budget constraints or fixed deadlines imposed by the landlord and will integrate already established design principles if you have them. The key in our approach is working closely with you and your customers in order to solve issues that have a direct impact on your bottom line and design a space that attracts and converts customers.

Redesigning your retail space and redesigning key services are processes that go hand in hand. If your company is on this journey, check as well our sprints for:

Examples of retail space design we’ve done?

Modernizing a whole retail network or creating a branch of the future is different, but equally challenging tasks, especially if deadlines and budgets are tight. If you want to consult us on how to go about a coming project, drop us a line at We’ll book you for one hour, free of charge individualized consultation. We’ll answer any questions you might have and we’ll help you plan your project.