Corporate Centre for High Net Clients

RaiffeisenBank Bulgaria wanted to offer a highly personalized, VIP-like experience in order to strengthen its clients’ loyalty.

client brief 

Design the corporate branch and end-to-end experience for the bank’s most special corporate clients - high net individuals and corporations.

our approach

We included in-depth interviews with the bank’s clients, inspiration walks and journey mapping. We created a one of a kind experience for both bank clients and employees creating a setting that makes them equal partners. Hence the experts that work at this bank branch do not have their own working stations - they just like the customer come to a highly important business meeting and together with the customer they choose the most appropriate seating area for the meeting at hand.


6 months

key results 

Ultra-modern space that is more of a meeting space for professionals than a bank office. It offers high-end meeting rooms and exhibition space and puts the new bank functions as a trusted advisor and expert in the centre.The space is also very agile and the open area can turn into various other settings suitable for a product promo, technology demo or education workshop.

Corporate Centre for High Net Clients

success factors 

The success factor here was the direct research that we did which led us to the insight that when a customer of this profile needs to come to the bank office, they don’t come to receive a service, they come to meet a trusted partner. This gave us a uniquely distinctive direction for the design.

Corporate Centre for High Net Clients

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