Creating service design capabilities for a customer experience team at a telecom

The Director of the Client Experiences Department at A1 Bulgaria aimed to create a deeper understanding of design thinking and service design for the team in order to study services or parts of them from the client's point of view and propose improvements.


Prepare a team that can independently apply design thinking and service design methodologies to improve existing A1 services.

our approach

3-day training in which participants work in groups on a case from the company, not directly related to their work. The goal is to go through an accelerated sprint design that provides basic knowledge about what design thinking is in terms of attitudes and workflow and how it can be applied to service design.

Over the next two days, we build on this basic knowledge with the tools used in service design. Each tool is applied by the teams in practice on a case related to their work.

key results

More than 150 people from the Customer Experiences Department trained in the methodologies design thinking and service design. The team has a rich toolkit for better research of A1 services through the eyes of the client and their effective improvement.

success factors

Systematic conduct and update of the training for already 5 years. Active involvement in each training by the CXO of the company.


From 2018 and ongoing

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