Customer Centricity Training for an Agile Team at a Bank

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In order to support our client RaiffeisenBank Bulgaria in their process to develop their first offer for opening bank accounts online, we have designed a customer journey training for their team. The program was delivered remotely and we have trained them to do customer journey maps both in digital and in analogue environment. And much more.

client brief

As a part of the DCA sprint - the sprint for the development of the first offer for entirely online opening of bank accounts, RaiffeisenBank needed to get familiar with the mapping of Customer experiences in order to see where are the problems with the process of opening a bank account and to be able to develop a solution that is loved by the customers.

our approach

The customer journey training was delivered entirely remotely using instruments from service design.

/ Hands-on remote interactive session

/ Working in teams on real business cases


The training program had 1 day remote training followed by 6 week remote sprint between May and June 2020.

key results

We trained team to make Customer Journey Maps both in digital and in analogue environment. They gained understanding of the principles of the method, of the different ways of applying it, as well as of the link between the customer journey and the actions of the organisation (service blueprint). The team was introduced to a new tool for interactive digital work - Smaply.

success factors

RaiffeisenBank's team worked on a real and important to the bank project right after the delivery of the training.

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