Global Design for Local Customers of a Credit Company

With our client IUTE we created a step by step approach to a design standard for their offices around Europe in the context of a digital first strategy.

client brief 

Create a new contemporary design standard for IUTE offices in Europe that integrates the digital journey of the customers with the physical outlets.


IUTE Credit

our approach 

We did various onsite observations and contextual interviews with customers and employees to define what are the pain points with the current layout. In order to ensure a seamless journey between online applications and onsite authorization, we also deep dived into the app and web customer journey and the business strategy of the company for a digital first future. The result was a reorganization of the branch layout in line with the sales and consultative functions of the branch. We created two prototype branches - one in Tirana and one in Moldova before finalizing the design standard.


6 months

key results 

Light, modern design with bespoke local elements that rethinks the service offered in the physical branch and its integration with the digital customer journey.

Global Design for Local Customers

success factors 

Applying an iterative approach to the design standard i.e. creating one outlet as a prototype monitoring it and then iterating on the initial design with a second prototype.

Global Design for Local Customers

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