HanseLab: The New Place for Collective Work of Agile Teams in Volksbank Lübeck

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Volksbank Lübeck transforms their company into a more agile one with flexible ways of working and implementing the methodologies of agility and design thinking. Alongside with their redesign of mindsets by team training and redesign of the processes within the company, they also adjust their work space. The new environment aims at boosting creativity, team work, communication between the departments and transparency of the processes.

client brief

Creating a new agile work space for Volksbank Lübeck where team members can work together.

our approach

In-depth study of needs and attitudes and joint brainstorming with the bank's employees.


6 months

key results

Innovative, at the same time human design, based on needs and co-created with the bank's employees. The new design combines completely new areas for the bank and design solutions with very simple social spaces that bring people together. The place has its own identity, which contributes to the commitment of employees to it and the brand of Volksbank Lübeck and the Hansestadt Lübeck region.

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success factors

Adoption of design thinking and agile ways of working at the bank and openness of the client to co-create. The project is implemented in partnership with design studio Pool22.

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