Holistic mindset redesign - from agility to patient centricity & creativity

Roche Bulgaria is in the process of a company-wide agile transformation. Over the last years Roche has partnered with the launchlabs team on this path - together we have trained both leadership and multiple teams in agile and design disciplines like design thinking & scrum. After the initial trainings we worked with the two pilot agile teams on two sprints focused on real projects to put agility in practice. Now Roche Bulgaria is continuing the transformation adding a patient-centricity layer to it and asked us for a creative and holistic approach to ensure the continuous transformation.


Roche’s leadership team wanted to work for a holistic mindset redesign towards agility, creativity and patient centricity of the newly formed team of Patient Journey Partners. The goal was to enable the team to “champion the transformation” and become more agile in its approach to problem-solving, deep diving and understanding patient needs as well as becoming more innovative, creative and proactive. The team was very diversified - they have very different mindsets and skills and ensuring a common understanding of the prerequisites of an agile and innovative mindset was a key challenge for the team.

our approach

Based on the brief our proposal was to kick-off the mindset redesign process by combining a training program with practical work via a design sprint. The sprint was centered around applying instruments from design thinking and service design directly into a concrete project. Finding a common project on which all Patient Centricity Partners who are responsible for various disease areas was key. This ensured that all the acquired knowledge of the methodologies would be directly applied in practice and having a concrete common project would ensure the team has a common objective and shared responsibility for a mutual project.

key results

3 concepts with patient centric solutions for improving the patient journey through the process of treatment, presented directly to the company c-level and approved for further development

success factors

Continuous transformations are hard and often tiresome and confusing. To succeed in this one, in parallel to the design sprint we worked on the energy and bonding of the newly formed diverse group of Patient Journey Partners. This helped them realize they have the same general pain points, opportunities & challenges to achieve regarding patients no matter in which disease area they work. This led to a smooth shift to more agile and patient centric ways of working.


3 months

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