Мilin Djalaliev

Who am I

Master in: business design, innovation strategy, agile coaching

Focus on: trainings, facilitation, idea generation, visual thinking, storytelling

Number of trainings: > 20

Number of sprints: > 30

Industries: education, retail, start-up, finance, FMCG, logistics, telecommunications.

Milin, one of the few with the same name in Bulgaria. Born curious, that was additionally enhanced by the time spent in the mountains, when I lived in a small village next to Tryavna. My curiosity gradually upgraded to empathy. This helped me develop my listening skills - something I wasn’t so good at back in the days. I love to connect ordinary things in an unexpected way.

My three most important professional projects

Building an organizational culture that helped Saatchi & Saatchi to grow from a small and unknown agency to one with his own culture and unique vibe, renowned at same time as an agency of the year in both creativity and efficiency.

A series of small educational events, that steadily grow to something bigger and sustainable - ARC Academy, a learning platform for future creators.

Building my own brand - a shop called Red Passion. I was young, pretended to be an entrepreneur for a while and then closed the business.

My biggest failure and lessons learned

Unreasonable investment of time, hope and money in a start-up I was part of - thecamp.me (platform for organization, curation and sharing of knowledge). We couldn’t find a sustainable business model. Which helped me understand the real meaning of the mantra “Fail fast, fix fast, learn fast”. In my case, it wasn’t so fast.

On Sunday I wake up early to...

Either to lecture, watch football, spend time in nature with my kids or… to clean up the house, just to forget the headache from the last night. All of them are my favorite.