Nina Dimitrova

Who am I

Master in: project management, communication strategy, facilitation, brainstorming

Focus on: project facilitation, sprint facilitation, customer research

Number of trainings: > 5

Number of sprints: > 10

Industries: retail, banking, telecommunications, finance, FMCG, automotivе

Expert on being an above generalist. I believe that gaining sufficient knowledge in different professional fields is vital for a good process. Understanding what others do and how they do it leads to a clear goal. Any clear goal leads to a better workflow. Better workflow leads to efficiently using all the tools and opportunities to reach the best possible final result. Also, I love pasta.

My three most important professional projects

Creativity at its finest… the cherry on the top of a big fat cake made of brand strategy, creative strategy, customer research and understanding peoples' needs.

One of the most important professional projects is working on that cake at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Besides the culinary skills that are questionable, the efficiency of the campaigns that we’ve worked on is proven by numerous awards for efficiency. I’m not an award person but at the time it was a good measuring tool that we’re doing things right.

Right now as a part of launchlabs I’m working on the next level - making brand promises come true.

My biggest failure and lessons learned

In my ambition to make things happen in the best possible way, sometimes I take responsibilities that do not fit my expertise.

Lesson learned: Don’t be a control freak, let things go аnd don’t forget to turn the volume of your intuition up.

On Sunday I get up early to…

I never get up early on a Sunday. Really, never. :)

I am a very extroverted person but Sundays are for my tiny introverted soul.

Time for myself. Relaxing and thinking.