Innovative Thinking for the Whole Team

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In 2016 Konica Minolta Bulgaria was facing numerous challenges – differentiating itself from its printer services competitors on the market, changing its image from a hardware to a software company and last but not least engaging its employees to be more innovative and proactive towards its customers.

client brief 

Train leadership and a critical mass of employee in customer centricity and innovative thinking

our approach

Design thinking introduction workshop + work on real projects.


May – June 2016

key results 

50% of the workforce was trained in 4 weeks.

success factors

Real project topics that engaged people, 100% support from CEO and participation in all workshops and project sessions, participation from all departments, flexible workshop format that could easily be integrated in everyday work.

Our company was selected among others to design and deliver a practical innovation program that will engage Konica Minolta’s leadership and workforce. The goal of the program was to create in-house champions of customer centricity and innovation who can successfully lead in-house innovation projects.

To achieve these goals, we followed a two-step approach: introduction training, followed by project-based coaching.

In the first step leadership and employees were trained on the main principles of design thinking, customer centricity and innovation during a 1-day interactive workshop.

In the second step they were working on real Konica Minolta projects guided with our facilitators during a series of short facilitated workshops. The projects were chosen to address directly the challenges in front of Konica Minolta – market differentiation and client transition to new products. More than 100 innovative ideas for improved market differentiation and improved client loyalty were developed during this “learning” phase, which added even more value for the client.

To ensure stickiness of the new mindsets and ways of working in the long-term, we organized a series of follow-up inspirational presentations and practical discussions on the topic of innovation and good customer experience design, and juried an internal innovation challenge.

“The launchlabs team has a very structured way of working with organizations. Every next module of their innovation program builds up on the previous. The team is also amazing! They managed to build a true relationship with all the participants in the program and help them successfully grow in their role as innovation ambassadors.”
- Elena Drecheva, CEO, Konica Minolta Bulgaria

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