Introducing design-first approach for cross functional teams at an IT company

Effortel is an It company providing a customizable software solution for mobile operators. Given the specifics and needs of each of the clients the Head of Product wanted to improve the way Effortel designs and delivers to its B2B customers while being careful not to accommodate technical debt.

client brief

Improve the product design process at Effortel - the way Effortel designs and delivers to its B2B customers and optimize the BA-UX part of the process.



our approach

Our work started with in-depth interviews with all functions in the product design process. It helped us understand how the process looks from the perspective of different people in the company. This is why we decided to align the team in one process through a game we called process lego - all the events, milestones and roles were there, the team just had to map them together. Out of this process mapping the main pain points and bottlenecks were identified and addressed.

Then we continued our work with project based training in the to be process (based on design thinking) and actual work with the design-first approach through a mini sprint on a concrete task to implement DT and process improvements.


3 months

key results

Improved team understanding of everyone’s responsibility in the design process. Improved design & delivery process.

success factors

Actual research of all roles and shared reflection on where are the bottlenecks in the process paired with a practical training approach focused on experiencing the new way of working. All that combined with 100% dedication of CTO and Head of Product to the program.

here is what the client says about us

"launchlabs proved us introducing new approaches in cross-functional teams doesn’t have to be hard. I would like to point out the unique energy their team emitted, no matter if we were working f2f or remote." - Stevan Banjac, Chief Product Officer

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