Portfolio Redesign for Remote Facilitation

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Adapting to business as unusual times and the context of fully remote work, we have completely redesigned our portfolio of services.

Whether you’re looking for facilitation of remote strategic meetings, workshops or sprints for launching new products and services, process optimisation, improving/adapting existing products and services to changing customer needs our entire expertise is now fully digital.

Our new portfolio for remote work includes interactive and efficient remote collaboration tools like interactive whiteboards and break-out sessions for work in multiple groups. All this combined with our expertise in customer centricity, service design, agile, design thinking, lean startup, futures thinking and brand design.

The new portfolio includes entirely remote facilitation of:

/ ideation/brainstorming workshops

/ strategic meeting sessions

/ strategy planning workshops

/ process management sprints

/ workshops for new product development

/ innovation sprints

/ workshops for brand redesign projects

Who is it for:

/ managers from organizations or organizational units who want to strategically realign themselves

/ teams working on innovation projects or searching for ideas for new products, services, business models, etc.

/ teams that work on understanding, improving and differentiating the customer experience with a product or service

/ teams working on strategic projects that need to continue remotely

What we’ll deliver:

/ intuitive custom tailored agenda flow

/ online facilitation by one or more of our experts at launchlabs

/ expertise and guidance in tools for online collaboration

/ everything else needed to have a successful online interaction and achieve results.

What’s in it for your team:

/ meetings that start and finish on time

/ engaging and human centered experience

/ involvement from all participants

/ interactivity

What’s in it for your company:

/ clear and actionable results after each session

/ fast paced ways of working

/ products and services that set the market trends

/ a blueprint for running future remote meetings & projects and a team ready to do it

Who trusts us: our selected credentials include Accenture Global, Deutsche Telecom, Telenor, Roche, RaiffeisenBank and many others. If you’re working on a project or have an important upcoming meeting, workshop or sprint – get in touch with us through the online form or write to hello@launchlabs.bg.