Survival Guide for Newly Remote Teams

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In the last two weeks many of us moved to remote work. Working remotely is not a new thing, neither are the problems associated with it – lack of basic etiquette during online meetings, disengagement, which often remains hidden in larger groups, long and boring online meetings, that end with no results and a decision to have a new meeting.

We have all participated in such meetings and we have swallowed the lost time noting it “business as usual” – just another meeting in our busy non-virtual work life. In the next couple of months though this will not be just another meeting. Such meetings will fill up our virtual work life and everything will be “business as unusual”.

At launchlabs Sofia we ready organizations for various “business as unusual” situations. We help them be more agile, creative and effective. The present situation demanding virtual ways of working is not an exception. Our previous work with international clients, for whom virtual ways of working are the only way, has taught us how to facilitate online meetings, workshops and trainings.

In this context we have developed a series of pro bono webinars, which we entitled Business as unusual: Survival guide for newly remote teams. In these webinars we will give practical tips and demos on:

/ How to prepare emotionally and physically for home office, which are the main rules for remote work and remote meetings with your team.

/ How to run high energy, interactive remote meetings and achieve results.

/ Which are the best platforms for online collaboration and how to combine them for various type of meetings.

Our pro bono webinars are our contribution to all organizations in this fragile moment, as we truly believe that positive change will come only when we all take a role in the creation of a more engaged and united community. As our long-term partner, for us it is also important to enable you with an extra dose of agility, creativity and ways to be effective, that is needed by all of us.

If you wish to organise a pro bono webinar for your team please contact us through this form in order to plan the next steps: link

Thank you for being in this with us! #businessasunusual #virtualreality #stayhome #staysafe #allwillbefine

launchlabs Sofia reserves the right to provide pro bono webinars in accordance with its capacity.