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Client: Konica Minolta Bulgaria

Client brief: Find ways to convert existing clients to a new product

Approach: 4-week design sprint

Duration: July 2016

Key results: 4 ideas validated in 4 weeks

Success factors: 100% support from CEO and participation in all workshops and project sessions, participation from all departments

In 2016 Konica Minolta Bulgaria was facing numerous challenges – from differentiating itself from its printer services competitors on the market, to changing its image from a hardware to a software company. The specific challenge with which the CEO came to us was – how to convert its clients, who for years now were buying printers and Optimized Printer Services (OPS), to Konica Minolta’s newest Content Management Solutions (CMS).

To address the challenge at hand we designed and facilitated a 4-weeks long design sprint. It included 4 short workshops with the client’s team as well as field work. We started with in-depth customer research where the team carried out contextual interviews and observations. We did customer journey mapping and customer persona profiling. We went through a round of storyboarding and rapid prototyping in order to visualize and test new ideas with customers. At the end 4 ideas were selected and presented to management. 3 out of 4 were later on implemented.

Here’s what the client says:

“All the innovation that we did in the last year happened during the 4 weeks we worked with the launchlabs team. They created a momentum that we needed, but couldn’t do ourselves.” - Elena Drecheva, CEO, Konica Minolta Bulgaria

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