Redesigning Strategy Planning for Telenor Bulgaria

Telenor turned to us for the creative facilitation of their commercial division’s strategic planning process. We have designed a Strategy Planning Sprint for them that aimed at validating the plan for their key strategic projects ahead.

client brief

Telenor needed our team to facilitate a remote strategic sprint to validate the strategic planning with C2 level leadership of four key strategic projects planned until Q1 2021.

our Approach

The sprint was co-created and facilitated via design thinking as a core discipline coupled with service design with elements from futures thinking and scrum.


The strategy planning sprint was two months long and included 4 remote workshops - between May and June 2020.

key results

The end result of the workshops was a verified link between user needs and the Telenor portfolio. Each company’s department successfully contributed to the strategic process using tools for effective virtual collaboration.

success factors

The team managed to translate a vision into actionable goals using a customer-centric approach and generate ideas in a structured way. The remote facilitation helped easily generate a strategy blueprint and first version of backlog for each project. An external overview of the strategy execution via ongoing virtual agile coaching insured its successful implementation.

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