Redesigning the Digital Experience for New Customers

With our client RaiffeisenBank Bulgaria (RBBG) we have dived into the process of redesigning the digital experience for their new customers. Together with their team, we had the challenge to map the client journey and outline a better product value proposition and to do so, we ran a Redesigning Services: Customer Journey Mapping Sprint. As a result, the customer experience of RBBG's digital product was significantly enhanced.

client brief

The sprint goal was to design the client journey for a completely new digital product - opening a bank account online. The bank needed expert guidance for their agile transformation team working on the Digital Customer Acquisition (DCA) innovation project through customer research, analysis, improvements and customer journey mapping.

The customer journey sprint was facilitated entirely remotely using instruments and tools from design thinking, service design and elements from scrum and agile. The sprint went through an in-depth research phase, analysis and formulation of key pain points, ideation on insights and next steps for implementation, testing and updating the MVP.


The sprint was 6 weeks long, between May and June 2020.

key results

Improvements on the MVP based on real customer insights, validated by our key personas. This led to a better understanding of the product value proposition and an enhanced user experience of the digital product.

success factors

RaiffeisenBank Bulgaria implemented in-depth research instruments into their sprint using basic instruments from service design and design thinking to create a digital product that users would truly understand and use.

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