Siliyana Panova

Who am I

Master in: design thinking, scrum, architectural design, graphic design

Focus on: customer research, idea generation, rapid prototyping, visual facilitation, visual note taking, storytelling

Number of trainings: > 30

Number of sprints: > 20

Industries: architecture, banking, logistics, start-up, social entrepreneurship, education

I am Siliyana and from a very early age I was interested in how ideas appear. I was intrigued by the interconnections and the holistic approach behind it. That is why I chose to study architecture and I fell in love with it. My focus wasn’t just on construction of the building itself, but on creating space which enriches the lives of those who experience it.

Over time I got seriously infected with the design fever and decided to study brand and graphic design. I have now accumulated more than 15 years of experience in architectural, interior, product, brand and graphic design. I love the design process itself and how it examines the world and its laws. When I design, I love to play around and also have fun with my co-workers. In the end they are often surprised about how simple and natural the results could be.

My three most important professional projects

Designing a new one-of-a-kind corporate branch for Raiffeisen Bank that completely changes the traditional function of a bank branch.

Designing a concept for an employee-centred office for a logistics company through a series of co-creation workshops with employees, management and architects.

Preparation, design and realization of an end-to-end customer experience program for a distributed team with 600 offices.

My biggest failure and lessons learned

”Hack House” is my failed startup project. I quit my job in order to dive into it and design prefabricated affordable module houses. It failed even though we had an innovative idea, a highly professional team and we dedicated time to the project. The lesson learned: "Shared values hold the team together through challenging times."

On Sunday I get up early to

to simply enjoy the morning, to do some yoga and to take a long walk.