Tsvetelina Panova

Who am I

Master in: design thinking, service design, architectural design

Focus on: project facilitation, customer research, brainstorming, rapid prototyping, visual thinking,

Number of trainings: > 15

Number of sprints: > 10

Industries: architecture, product design, banking, photography

I am Tsvetelina and my first “design” was a hair clips in the shape of a pen. I was five and awfully proud of myself. That time I knew, when I grow up I want to make things that never existed before.

Later I started savouring science fiction novels, seeing possible futures and civilizations. I learned that all things are interconnected and if you change a thing, another is changing as well.

Years later, already architect and trying to find a way to have as much added value to my work as possible I understood that I need to use all my abilities and interests in order to make a project to stand out. Yet the most important lesson I learned so far, is that the restrictions of a project are not obstacles, but opportunities for creating a working and unique product.

My three most important professional projects

"The bank branch of the future" - designing a new design standard that focuses both on customer and employee experience for Raiffeisen Bank for the renovation of their branch network.

“Portraits of vanishing Sofia” - a project to preserve old Sofia houses - presenting the problem of preservation, not just as destroying the city fabric, but as obliteration of the memory of people, who had been living in the city.

“Taratanci” - an innovative concept that represents traditional Bulgarian dances in a contemporary visual way.

My biggest failure and lessons learned

Some years ago, I made a small product with the idea to take part in a big Christmas market. I was certain, my product was great and it will be soon sold out. It didn't. I managed to sell only a few pieces.

The lesson learned: "Assumptions without real customer research are just that - assumptions."

On Sunday I get up early to...

go for a walk with my dog Roni, to imagine things with paint or a pencil, to take pictures of buildings, streets and people.