Establishing a Customer Experience Team in Less Than 2 Months

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Our client DSK Bank reached out in order to train their team in establishing an independent professionals to redesign their customers' experiences. We designed a customer centricity training program with which we managed to train a whole department in less than 2 months.


Establish an independent in-house customer experience team to support the service improvements and digitalisation roadmap at DSK after the merge with SGEB. The goal is to create a team who can independently run service design projects, plan and facilitate sprints and workshops.


DSK Bank

our approach

Mix service design and design thinking instruments:

/ Introduction workshop

/ Facilitator workshop

/ Project based coaching on real projects

key results

Whole department successfully trained in a highly optimized program in less than 2 months.

success factors

First independent sprints successfully ran after 2 month.


The training program was 2 months long and took place in 2021.

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