Forging design leaders at every layer of the company

Our task was was to work together with the Human Resources (HR) team at the company to propose a practical step-by-step program for the development of leadership skills for the regional managers


As leaders, the trained managers were expected to:

/ co-create together with people.

/ be able to listen and speak.

/ handle tools for problem analysis and definition

/ know the techniques for activating teamwork and creative thinking.

/ be able to facilitate meetings,

/ collect and give feedback

/ plan projects and to inspire people to work on them.


Top retailer in Europe

our approach

Step-by-step program, including:

/ Identification of key competencies required by the HR, that a training in design disciplines can develop and their inclusion into a preliminary training program.

/ In-depth interviews with 8 participants in the upcoming program, in order to understand the nature of their work and from there to take out real work cases.

/ Brief introduction to the methodology of the direct managers of the participants and a workshop with the HR and the direct leaders to identify cases for training and training sprint.

/ 2 two-day live trainings for two groups of 20 people, thematically divided into modules Empathy-Analysis-Creativity-Storytelling and agile project management

/ 4-week training sprint with 9 teams (40 participants), in which the same training tools were applied in practice on the given cases.

key results

9 concepts presented directly to the company c-level on top of the training objectives. Proof-of-concept that innovation and leadership skills can be cascaded to all levels in the company.

success factors

Top management support, understanding of the design process and participation in the preparation of the program.


3 months

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