Innovation program for a team of business analysts

The management of Accenture’s Advanced Technology Center in Bulgaria aimed to create a common and deeper understanding of design thinking as a key innovation skill presented in the company’s FORM workframe for outstanding performance.

The concrete objectives were to prepare a team of business analysts and managers to design and facilitate workshops with clients and thus enhance Accenture’s value on the local market.


Prepare a team of Business analysts to use freely design thinking on client engagements.

our approach

5 modules of 4h online workshops focusing on the practical application of the methodology, followed by continuous support on tools implementation.

The training started with an interactive introduction to Design Thinking in order to set the overall framework and then followed the phases of a typical sprint, with each module focusing on the essential instruments used in that phase. After each session the participants had a specific homework used as input for the following session.

Each of the modules included extensive teach-back sessions where the participants were presenting an actual application of the tools covered in the previous module.

The program was wrapped-up by a planning session where the participants mapped how and where they were going to apply the tools and approaches thought in the program.

key results

A team of 10 business analysts using to full extent the methodology in their project and day-to-day work.

success factors

Full dedication by Accenture ATC management to support the creation of a custom tailored program. Well-paced workshop distribution throughout one month. One facilitator working individually with one sub-team.


1 month

here's what the client says about us

"The feedback from colleagues is only positive. I do not think we have done such training." - Svetlin Halvadjiev, Senior Manager

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