User Friendly Cloud On-demand Solution for VMWare

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Client: VMware Bulgaria

Client brief: Improve the end-to-end customer experience with vCloud Air

Approach: 4-week design sprint

Duration: June – July 2015

Key results: 4 ideas to improve vCloud Air customer experience pitched to management

Success factors: access to real customers, support from CEO and Chief Innovation Officer

The client contacted us after they have launched their latest cloud on-demand solution. The solution was technically superb, but there were a couple of established leaders on the global market already in the face of Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google. The challenge in front of the client was that the solution was launched a little late on the market and the client was looking for an innovative way to differentiate their offering through an improved end-to-end customer experience.

We did a 4 weeks sprint in which we analyzed the “as is” customer experience of choosing, buying, implementing and using cloud infrastructure. One of the biggest findings was that customers struggle to analyze their existing infrastructure and to precisely gauge their needs, which was posing a problem on all of the following steps.

To address these issues 4 different concepts were developed and concept prototypes were built, which were then presented to management. One of them was selected and the client went onto developing more technical prototypes internally. vCloud Air was later on sold to OVH – one of the largest cloud service providers in the world.

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