Redesigning Mindsets for Agility:

a Training Program for Faster and Confident Teams

We describe companies that combine speed and stability as agile. Agility is about flexibility and the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt and steer itself in a new direction. It’s about minimizing handovers and bureaucracy, and empowering people. The aim is to build stronger, more rounded professionals out of all people.

What does agility training look like?

Here are our key tools & methodologies:


/ 80% doing and 20% learning-by-doing;
/ Hands-on activities;
/ No lengthy lectures, no classroom presentations;

/ Only practical activities followed by reflections and discussions;

/ In person or remotely, we deliver all our programs with equal levels of interactivity.

Concepts covered

/ Self-organized teams
/ Radical collaboration
/ Visual facilitation
/ Sprint planning
/ Team rituals

Methodologies & tools:

/ Scrum as core methodology
/ Lean start-up
/ Visual thinking
/ Visual facilitation
/ Design thinking

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Is my team fit to go through an agility training?

Yes, if you need to improve activities that are closest to the customer, overall productivity and employee engagement.

All our training programs have three progressive levels:

​Introduction level

An interactive hands-on introduction to agility, fully customized with case studies and examples of interest to the team. Typically 1-day the agility training pairs perfectly with our customer-centricity program.

It could also be easily integrated into learning and development programs, team building events or stand-alone.

Who is it for:

/ Leadership
/ Employer branding experts
/ Learning and development experts
/ Non-customer facing teams & units e.g accounting, legal etc.

After the introduction workshop the participants will:

/ Build agility understanding and skills;
/ Understand the different events and milestones from the key methodologies;
/ Learn practical tools;
/ Be inspired and job ready to join a sprint as a practitioner.


Our experience shows that building durable habits in agility requires practical application of what was learnt during the introduction module. This is why at this level we provide a 100% hands-on module based on a real project. The team has a dedicated coach throughout the project duration, who facilitates them through a series of workshops aimed at delivering a more innovative result on the project. Typically once a week for 4 to 12 weeks.

Who is it for:

/ Product owners, project managers and product development teams;
/ Digital transformation departments;
/ Project teams.

The practitioner level is meant to:

/ Build on the skills and tools from Introduction level and turn them into habits;
/ Align newly formed agile teams;
/ Create a safe environment for real projects;
/ Introduce new expert tools from key methodologies;
/ Get the participants ready to build internal capacity for innovation - leadership level.

Leadership level

Aimed at building lasting capabilities for running internal projects and trainings. Three focus areas - creating internal facilitators, trainers and ambassadors. Typically 2 to 4 days. The leadership level workshops allow the organization to scale and sustain its investment in building a culture and capabilities not only for agility, but also for customer centricity and sustainable innovation. The purpose of this module is to further develop the skills of some practitioners, who are suitable and willing to take on a bigger role within the organization.

Who is it for:

/ Managers ready to take the path to creative and servant leadership;

/ Corporate training experts;

/ Agile coaches, scrum masters or other internal facilitators and change-makers.

Depending on the focus after this level the participants will be able to:

/ Design and deliver learning experiences;
/ Plan and facilitate sprints and workshops;
/ Act as ambassadors of customer-centricity in and out of the organization.

Agility is key to customer centricity and innovation, check how these two programs build on top of agility.

How do we customize a training to fit the unique needs of the team?

As business redesigners, we know that each industry has its unique challenges and needs and a one-size-fits-all approach is hardly ever the answer. That’s why when planning a training, we always co-create. In other words, we go through the training design together with our clients, to define and pre-design the program so it works to solve the specific task at hand considering the company’s DNA, processes and workflow.

In this way, it may turn out that the path to agility of a particular company goes through our other training programs - customer centricity for improved services or creativity and innovation for new products.

Examples of agility trainings we’ve done

Agility is no longer only for tech teams. This pharma company proves it. With our help, of course.

How to run the training remotely?

By using interactive and efficient digital collaboration tools like interactive whiteboards and break-out sessions for work in multiple groups, shifting to remote learning is easy.

We’ve tested more than 20 different online platforms, and combinations thereof, in order to create the closest possible scenario to an effective and meaningful live interaction. We’ve run internal tests, and tests with clients willing to be a step ahead and redesigned our portfolio for remote work and facilitation. Our selected credentials include Accenture Global, Deutsche Telecom, Telenor, Roche, Raiffeisen Bank and many others.

Not sure if the agility training will be the right choice for you? You can start by trying the Pre-design Workshop first. It’s a 1-hour workshop that reflects the needs and desired outcomes from a learning experience. Now, let’s start redesigning our minds! To request a presentation or book a free 1-hour one-one session drop us a line at

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