Redesigning Spaces: Office Space Design

The office is a space where we spent ⅓ of our life and approximately all of our actual daytime. The office though is not just a space where we work. It is the environment in which we interact and build relationships with the people in the organization. That is why we don’t reduce office design to selection of furniture, colours and materials. We take into account the changing technologies and attitudes and we work holistically to design an environment in which people realize their full potential.

What is unique in our approach to office space design?

In our office design projects we intersect experience design with architectural design. We work holistically to understand why and how people use their office and we allow them to participate in the design process as contributors. We analyze your space, your company culture, your business processes and we create intuitive office space that integrates the newest technology, stimulates productivity, collaboration and creativity, and balances work and comfort. In our concepts we often go beyond the office design brief and offer solutions for the home office and your virtual office environment because we believe that in the office of the future the three elements would work together.

When should you turn to us for office space design?

/ Companies opening in a new office

/ Companies planning to redesign their existing office space

/ Companies who introduce home office or work from anywhere policy and need to optimize/reorganize existing office space

/ Companies who introduce agile ways of working and need to create workspaces for agile teams

/ Companies who want to create innovation spaces, creativity rooms and experiment labs

In all cases our approach is for companies who want not just a new stylish office, but a productive environment, which inspires employees to choose and stay with their brand, and impresses clients and visitors.

What does it look like, how long will it take?

What does it look like, how long will it take? In office design we go through 3 main phases before realization, which includes designing and testing prototypes, highly professional project management, move and change management. These three phases last between two and four months depending on the scale of the project:

1 / preparation, in which we define the scope of the project;

2 / research, in which we study not just the space, but your business and your peoples’ needs;

3 / design, in which we allow people to participate as contributors.

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How do we customize office space design for your specific situation?

In our design process we take into account your special needs and wishes. We will consider if you need to reuse old furniture, if you have budget constraints or fixed deadlines imposed by the landlord and will integrate already established design principles if you have them. The key in our approach is working closely with you and your people in order to design an office that offers diverse spaces and everybody is fond of.

Redesigning your office and redesigning the ways of working in the organization are processes that go hand in hand. If your company is on this journey, check out our training programs for:

Examples of office space design we’ve done?

Moving to a new office or redesigning an existing one is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you want to consult us on how to go about a coming project, drop us a line at We’ll book you for a one hour, free of charge individual consultation. We’ll answer any questions you might have and we’ll help you define your needs and expected results.