Reimagining the future development of a foundation supporting financial experts

The board of trustees of Burov foundation, strongly supported by Raiffeisenbank, realizes the need to reposition the organization so that it is more attractive for the young people. With its training activities, the foundation works as an incubator for financial and banking experts. However, recently the interest towards it and the field as a whole has dropped.

The goal of the project was to have trustees and students together brainstorm and reimagine possible ways of development for the foundation so that it keeps its position as respected and desired organisation.

client brief

“Atanas Burov” foundation is an organization supporting financial experts and promoting development of banking and finance in Bulgaria.

They needed to:

/ come up with ideas on how to make the foundation and its trustees more attractive so that it gathers more lively, inquisitive and motivated young people.

/ come up with ideas on how to redesign the summer school so that it is up to date and relevant to young people's lives and interests.

our approach

An initial online survey across the current scholars of Burov foundation which aimed to find out more information about their interests, communication channels, mindsets and motivations in general as well as their expectations and attitude towards the organisation.

A workshop for mapping the current situation, setting the future vision and generating particular ideas on how to get there.


One week

key results

The result of the research was the creation of an existing scholar persona as well as a list of Likes / Dislikes / Needs in regards with Burov foundation.

Then the participants created one more desired persona of a student the foundation would want to attract.

Based on all of the above they brainstormed ideas on particular initiatives attractive for the personas and how to promote them. Fifteen ideas were selected to have the potential for further development and implementation.

success factors

The board of trustees of the Burov foundation realized the need. They were aware that the organization and its summer program are currently positioned as a bit old-school and inattractive for young people and dedicated their time and effort to gather together students and board in order to reimagine the future.

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