Establishing an in-house team of design thinking trainers and practitioners

As part of the Continuous Process Improvement at Coca-Cola the focus on the dissemination of human-centered thinking and its implementation in project work deepens.

For this purpose the Shared Services Department was looking for appropriate training based on methodologies such as service design and design thinking that could ready a team of 10 people to be ambassadors of design thinking and facilitate trainings in the methodology


Prepare an independent in-house team to train the internal clients of the company in Design Thinking

our approach

/ Pre-design workshop with project owner to

match design thinking & service design tools to identified key competences

/ 3 x 4h online training in design thinking basics with team exercise on real cases.

/ 4x 4h online training in facilitation and training capabilities on combination of tools and preparations of workshop maintaining energy and sequence of activities during workshop and training

/ Ongoing support with Q&A and assistance during key workshops.

key results

The participants already include design thinking tools in their sessions and also use facilitation practices to deliver interactive training experiences, which is highly appreciated by the trainees.

success factors

Highly motivated participants, who had the opportunity to apply the learnings in a series of internal trainings.

Involved project owner, also participating and supporting the training.

Positive pre-Christmas energy


5 months

here's what the client says about us:

“We highly recommend that you work with launchlabs Sofia if you want a true partner for all classroom

training in the fields of design thinking. Their team is beyond professional.”

Elitsa Shopova, Customer Experience Director

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