Roche Bulgaria’s Holistic Agile Redesign

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Client: Roche Bulgaria

Client brief: transform Roche Bulgaria into an agile organization

Approach: three levels of in-classroom training based on design thinking and scrum:

  • Leadership training
  • Awareness level
  • Practitioners level for pilot agile teams, which includes coaching on real projects

Duration: three months in 2019

Key results: improved team velocity and project results, increased levels of trust and self-organization in teams

Success factors: practical training approach focused on leadership first in order to transform them into coaches and ambassadors of agile ways of working; 100% dedication of CEO and all C-level managers to the program

In 2019 Roche Bulgaria got a new CEO who brought a vision and ambition to transform the company into an agile organization. His goal was for Roche Bulgaria to work faster, to break the silos and to be ultra customer-centered. The CEO contacted us with the idea to help the company in this transformation. A special focus area for him was the transparency in communication and trust-building among teams and team members. He wanted a practical, effective and speedy training program. To respond to this request we designed a multi-layered program that delivered results in less than 3 months. The program was based on the two leading methodologies – Design Thinking and Scrum and was named “Agile ways of working”.

Here’s what the client says:

Roche was on a journey that started some time ago. We wanted to bridge and leverage the startup mindset and the corporate mindset. With such transformation programs the faster the rubber hits the road, the better. Launchlabs Sofia helped us do exactly that – put agile ways of working into everyday practice.
André Vasconcelos, General Manager Roche Bulgaria

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